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Launch a recognized product with exclusive rights to Singapore

  • Capital Required:
    Business Sector:
    Health Care and Fitness, Retail
    Brand Name:
    The Foot Centre by Foot Supports International
    Country of Origin:
    New Zealand
    Years of Established:
    Above 10 years
    Number of Outlet:


As the original founder of GoodFeet Worldwide, Joseph Polifroni opened GoodFeet stores in California in 1994 and within five years had over 100 stores across the USA selling millions of pairs a year. GoodFeet is still very successful and continues to use the original product lines developed by Mr Polifroni. There are now being sold in countries around the world in stores and cruise ships for $450/USD a pair.

In 2008 Mr Polifroni created a new company; Foot Supports International, based in New Zealand to create a better support that was more affordable for the normal consumer. FSI’s current international line of orthotics is the result of years of development coupled with long experience in fitting and manufacturing orthotics and its worldwide patented line of foot supports solve all manner of posture and balance problems.

Human biomechanics drive the foundation of the FSI support line; by repositioning a person’s arch and foot, lifting weight from pressure points and balancing the entire body a customer’s pain instantly goes away. Balance supports solve problems that mainstream medicine are unable to remedy without surgery and are frequently used as a first line referral option by Doctors and Physiotherapists.


Business oppurtunity:

Your investment represents a mixture of assets & IP;

- Exclusive rights to the Singapore region

- Showroom decor for your first Foot Support Centre

- Manufacturing equipment for the production of customised foot supports

- A large inventory of supports and custom covers

- An extensive library of advertising media and marketing concepts.

- Online training systems for you and your future staff with formally recognized qualifications

- One on one training at Foot Supports Internationals head office and ongoing support as you expand

Sales Channels:

FSI supports sell extremely well both through infomercial advertising and Footsupport centres. With a successful history in the USA, Australia and New Zealand these sales methods are tried and tested. Either sell direct via infomercial/website sales or use print and TV commercials to drive traffic to your Foot support centres

Your centres will be using an internationally recognized name, so you are known in your market from day one. Our sales model provides high profit margins of 5-6x wholesale costs, while allowing you to sell a range of orthotics that provide instant pain relief to customers. Our hundreds of testimonials are a testament to the life changing nature of Balance Supports and the kind of difference that can be made to your grateful customers.

Orthotics are a constantly growing industry with over 85% of people worldwide experiencing some form of chronic knee,foot or ankle pain in their lives. This is an open-ended chance to become a major player in the Medical and Wellness industry. Contact us to discuss the options available and see for yourself.

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Case Study


"I’ve been struggling to find support for my foot issues and have tried almost every kind of orthotic around. I’ve even tried orthotic type shoes. I wore these to an all-day craft fair on concrete floors and only had normal foot pain, but no plantar Fasciitis pain, which is amazing! I love these"


"I paid way too much for my first Good Feet inserts, but they substantially reduced my plantar fasciitis symptoms. I needed another pair for my softball cleats, and took a chance on these--and the two for one deal helped make the decision easier. These are every bit the equal of the outrageously expensive GF inserts and I would recommend them to anyone suffering from sore feet"


"I've been using my own personally-designed orthotic inserts provided by my Podiatrist for a long time but these insoles I use in lighter shoes and slippers so that I am using them 24/7 which results in fewer aches in my legs and generally. Big difference in my general well being as I do not tire as I used to"


I went to my doctor with foot and knee pain concerns. She suggested I visit the Good Feet store and purchase some of their arch supports. So, I made an appointment and talked to a sales consultant. They go through the fitting process and tell you how to use their products before dropping the bomb...their three-step insole package is over $1,300! At this point they stop being nice and start pressuring you to buy. They don't care about your feet. They only care about your money. Anyway, I did not buy their over priced product and looked online for something similar. This product is it! In fact, on the package it says that the original founders of the Good Feet store created a new company to provide their innovative arch supports at affordable prices. They seemed to have been able to do just that! This product looks and feels the same as the product I tried on at the store. Comes with instructions and Velcro tabs - for those concerned about them slipping.


These arch supports are a God-send and make all the difference as to whether I'm going to be comfortable all day on my feet. I have heel pain in one foot if I get lazy and don't use the supports . . . but if I'm smart and use them, I'm completely pain free. Paid BIG money about two years ago at a Good Feet store, and was THRILLED to find these. They appear to be slimmer than the Good Feet product and they work just as well.


I had a full knee replacement in 2013 and yet still had some pain in my knee. This caused me to slouch and and lean forward when walking. By 2016 my back posture was painful all the time. I have tried exercises to straighten up but it was no use. I spoke to Joe and he gave me information on how the arch supports could help. I didn't really believe him but I came to the clinic and tried them. Within minutes of finding the right balance for my foot supports my family noticed the change in my posture and I noticed the difference when I walked immediately. 2 weeks later and my life had completely changed, I felt confident and happy again. 6 months later and my supports are still the best thing I ever brought. I would recommend these for anyone with back, knee, hips or feet pain.

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